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Les Fondamentales

These are long-standing vintages and part of our winery’s DNA… we just take them up a notch. They take turns showcasing one of our three grape varieties.

Nos Moments Carte Blanche

The brand’s founders created Carte Blanche to capture the Trigny terroir, a Meunier terroir, in all its glory. Carte Blanche brings out the best of fruity and light meunier with a full-bodied pinot noir finish. […]

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Variation en Si Baroque

This sweeter vintage uses a Carte Blanche base and is fruity and smooth.

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Son Naturel Optimiste

This vintage stands out for giving the brand’s signature Pinot Noir the starring role with a dash of chardonnay to elevate proceedings. A full-bodied, lingering and smooth champagne with an earthy finish. Ideal for pre-dinner […]

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Grande Tradition

The founders’ second vintage is one of the range’s and brand’s icons and celebrates Chardonnay. This vintage is fuelled by the style and finesse of Chardonnay and ends on a full-bodied high. A wonderful bouquet […]

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Evanescence Rosé

We wanted to bring you an indulgent and enjoyable rosé with this vintage. This is a champagne bursting with fruit, red wine and bite. A joy from starter to dessert.

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