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Couples have made their mark on the history of Domaine Maxime Blin…

First came Juliette and Robert, whose longing for business and creativity saw them plant the winery’s first vines after World War II.

Then came Gilles, who joined forces with his wife Madeleine. They accomplished a great deal in their time: building the press and vat room and going into sales.

Then Maxime came back to the fold in 2005. Claire may not have been working for Domaine Blin back then, but she was involved in introducing a winemaking system and launching a range of signature vintages for her own family’s business.

Maxime had a vision (visions!) for how he saw the business’s future: “I had a lot of ideas when I got here after my studies and work experiences. I had a vision for the environment. For changing our farming methods. For sustainability. For micro winemaking. For tending to our grapes differently. For exporting our vintages, introducing them to other places in other ways. I knew how lucky I was to inherit such a fantastic workplace and playground. I wanted to explore it!

Claire & Maxime

They weren’t on the same career path yet but Claire and Maxime had already started to lay the first stones…

They weren’t on the same career path yet but Claire and Maxime had already started to lay the first stones, gradually building the same ambition and vision. “It always felt very natural working together. We balance each other out, we work differently but we share the same values: a passion for wine, creativity, good food and wine, love for the land, good hospitality and a real focus on the environment,” they say in unison.

2012 was a milestone moment in their lives: their long-awaited and longed-for twin daughters were born. Naturally, that changed their lives. Claire explains: “My brother had decided to join the family winery. And I had a growing desire to work on a project with Maxime. Naturally, when Clémence and Olivia were born [and inspired the Clé d’Eole vintage to be born too], I started splitting my time between the two businesses. Until I returned full time in 2021.

Over time, Claire and Maxime worked together to progress, revolutionise, experiment, establish and understand their “fantastic playground“. New vintages appeared, fuelled by new winemaking methods and changes to farming techniques. The vineyard switched to organic farming and was approved in 2021. A holiday home was built “to have the opportunity to share and get together.” The brand’s identity and gourmet character came into its own.

And if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that this is just the start. Claire and Maxime bounce off one another and have lots of new ideas… watch this space!