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Our Philosophy

Our Values

We are particularly proud of our winery. It’s our legacy and we want to continue building it around our core values: taking care of the planet, togetherness, goodness, new experiences and the local land. It’s our way of capturing our trade, our methods and our Champagnes. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Claire and Maxime

In the vineyard

A herbicide-free policy has helped take care of the environment since 2005. We use an in-row weeder, plough the soil and use good old-fashioned hoes to encourage the vine roots to grow deeper in the ground. Our farming philosophy was recognised by our organic certification in 2021. We want to make clean champagne that’s full of heart and honest flavours.

The art of winemaking

Manual harvesting and plot-by-plot pressing for each variety in a Coquard tilted plate press makes our elixir smooth and high quality. Our champagne is aged in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, oak barrels and casks then blended into an aromatic piece of art. Our wide range of champagne is then bottled and aged in our dark cellars.