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Cuvée Maxime Blin - Coteaux Champenois Blanc – Terre de Sable

Coteaux Champenois Blanc – Terre de Sable

Claire and Maxime decided to add a cask to their vat room in 2018 with the idea to use it for an organic solera system. When it was time to blend the wine, they followed their heart and decided to make a coteaux blanc in it! This full-bodied and indulgent wine is made from the 2018 harvest from two Trigny hamlets (Chatillon and La Croix Mont) and its cask ageing gives it woody and refined notes.

Pinot Noir :


Soil type:

Cask ageing

2018 harvest

No filtering, natural cold

Quantity 300 bottles

100 %

Trigny terroir


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